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Ardream Ice Mage

This is a discussion on Ardream Ice Mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hey Im a level 59 Ice Mage atm, My Stats are 57 Ice and and rest into Light. My gear ...
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    Default Ardream Ice Mage

    Hey Im a level 59 Ice Mage atm, My Stats are 57 Ice and and rest into Light.

    My gear atm is:
    Elixir Staff +1 Rev (ICE)
    Mage Chitin set +1 Rev (HP)
    Old Harpy's Belt
    And rest is quest jewelry....

    My budget is 2gb and my server is edana....

    So the stuff I have atm for Armor an Weapon is same as everyone else cuz we dont got Baba's like others and Baba'a re only in Rlb in Edana. I want to know what Jewelry I should get and Nobody sells Oasis or Garp's on Edana very rare to find price is almost 3gb for +7.... Just need t know this and how many points I should put into MP and Int or in anything else.

    Thank you 4 Your Time, Illget back to u ASAP

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    If you plan to stay ardream, it`s kinda obvious: get a dd-helmet (chitin +7 I guess)

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    hmm if u go ardream with ur gear 50% sins kill u on 1-2 hits :P u need more cash , u must buy old skele , dual old shio , oasis +7 and dd helmet +6/7 so get more gbs

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    about your stats, just put enough int and mp so that u can wear your items and rest to hp.

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    if youre on that kind of budget, dont try to be offensive...

    follow the advice given...get old skelly, dd15 or dd12 or w/e...get dual old sse...get a dread shield, and go tp mage...and get used to tping people and slowing...
    people will love you if you can tp just do that for now...
    youll get zero kills with your gear and it will suck and be a bore..


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