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Ares rlb bp

This is a discussion on Ares rlb bp within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I've got a friend who wants to make a rlb battle priest. She has a rlb int priest right now. ...
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    Default Ares rlb bp

    I've got a friend who wants to make a rlb battle priest. She has a rlb int priest right now. We need to know what gear would be best for her. I don't know too much about bps so I'd like some input from you experts. As of now these are her accessories:

    old sse
    old plat earring
    glass belt
    ds +7
    old rol
    rol +0
    ep +1
    NO def armors

    Her next purchase will be an iron neck. She is planning on getting a hellbreaker +7 or +8. What armor would be best for her in rlb? What are the ideal +0 and +1 accessories? What should she get to be a successful battlepriest? Thanks for any and all input.

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    as an RLB bp you can go 3 builds, fabric, full plate, or chitin,

    i find FP a waste as you may as well add 14 more int for the chitin and get more ac :P

    if you go fabric build get a hp and str set, if u cant afford both get 3 str and 2 hp armors and get HP accessories, as hp accessories have higher ac. i would get Lillimes, iron neck, glass belt, ROL and LB. also keep the sheild and get an impact +7/8 for tanking.

    if you want chitin build i would go for 3 hp and 2 str armors, as with chitin you get more ac but less hp. use 1 roc and 1 rol, iron neck, glass belt, and dual lillimes
    keep the shield and get a smite+7/8

    also you will need a DD helmet, then work on other weapon def, first spear after DD.


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