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Best Warrior weapon for a Lvl 80?

This is a discussion on Best Warrior weapon for a Lvl 80? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Seems like ppl cant read, He gave his options so i dont understand why u list weapons that are out ...
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    Seems like ppl cant read, He gave his options so i dont understand why u list weapons that are out of his range. Back on the post.....

    Six months ago i made myself this same question, and i tested btw a lot of these weapons, I tested for a full month switching btw raptor +8 (mine), Avedon +7(mine), Murky spear+7/Impact+8 (mines), HB+7 (mine), II+8 (from a BP friend) and a giga +8 (from another friend). I tested everywere... arena, dummies and cz, and the results were at the end of the month (in my opinion)

    Raptor+8 = II+8 > Giga +8 > HB+7 = Avedon +7 > Murky/impact +7/+8

    So i gave back the II and the Giga since they werent mine, sold the HB to buy another RoC, and kept the Raptor +8 as main weapon, the Avedon +7 as a back up, and the murky/Impact for Bosses like Deva.

    Why i picked the raptor: got the biggest AP, big damage in most of the characters (not everyone is running with spear def always on), RANGE (something most of the ppl seems to forget), had the Avedon +7 in case i find someone with spear def, and II+8 and Giga+8 werent mine hehehe :P Anyway, Giga +8 is out of the price range of the others, and 300 HP/MP more or less are not that important for a warrior lvl 80 with 6k+ Hp base so forget that one.

    PS: with the expansion i got my personal sword and its +6 so far. Next month ill go for +7 and if it goes ok we can say bye bye to the avedon as the back up weapon [/b]
    i prefer a avedon +7 over my personal sword +7 and dont no why but i just like the combo on axes and they have the same range

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    ive had all possible weapons for warrior. in my opinion if i could carry them all i would because of the varied weapon defenses but i usually roll in cz with 3 sets of weapons...

    raptor= great ap great range. overall great weapon to have at arsenal and i always use this in party pks cause u will be able to spam high damage. i dont like it on vs cause to me, its slow and so many spear def out there

    axes= great for vsing and switching between raptor. i usualy pull out my giga on mages since so many warriors with raptors atk them so i figure ill be the special one whos doing more damage with my axe ^^

    duals= my personal favorite on pk againsts mobs( i use murky and deep scar) the murky is my most favorite spear because of its spear and club def so ull be able to tank just a tid more and longer wen mobs atk u.

    clubs= kinda same like axe but just longer reach and not many use axe and club def

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    screw raptor +8, gogo glave +9 XD[/b]

    +1 Jd, I had a +9 rebirth glave on my 59 warrior in pathos, Its 2 ap more than a raptor 8 and I made it from a +4 rebirth glave I bought for 90m. Tears for the win.

    Gogo Glave +9, People will think you're a scrub with a glave then you'll hit them like a truck h34r:

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    I would definitely recommend that you would go with Raptor +8 and a gigantic axe +7 as a back up weapon. I find that the giga axe does a lot more damage than the actual attack power listed due to the lightning damage and possibly unique weapon factor. As many have stated before the raptor does have a longer reach and great in mass pk which you will see alot of in diez. But however having an avedon +7 or gigantic axe +7 as an offhand weapon will help tremendously in the sticky spots.

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