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C-West Ice Mage

This is a discussion on C-West Ice Mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I want to know if my build is good or not. For my stats I have 51 STR (To wear ...
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    Default C-West Ice Mage

    I want to know if my build is good or not. For my stats I have 51 STR (To wear Scorpion Shield) 160 INT and 143 MP.

    My Items:
    DD Helm +7
    Crimson Set +7
    Oasis +7
    Old Shio x2
    Old Priest Earring x2
    Old EP
    Skeleton Belt +0

    And if a rogue hits you 700-800 with 1450 AP and you have 15 DD, that's good or bad?

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    700-800 spike without buffs isnt that bad i think (not that pro in the game so )

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    That's almost the same items as my Mage had except shio +2/3 and oasis 8

    I was very good and could tank very good till I got duffs and sins were pwning me (always 2-3 rogues make you 0 chance to sourvive), so my suggestion to you is first get valks and wings with hp bonus, and second try to get scrolls and start working on your rings


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    with 557/oasis you should have more than 20dd.
    i think being hit for 700-800 with 20dd is kinda on the weak side.
    but 700-800 with 15dd isnt to bad. try getting a ols skele or gb/ib
    then upgrade in your rings. like shio+2's then get ep1 and then cleric ear +1's once you get all those. try for ce+2's or oasis8 or ep2?
    then you should be pretty decent. you could dmg rogues good and tanks a little better.
    if you want to hit harder. put less into MP just enough to hold a +8 oasis. and the rest into your int. or better tanking you could add to HP?

    and ya get some valks/wing with hp and def pathos on rogues.

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