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Curse Refraction

This is a discussion on Curse Refraction within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hello Everyone, here I am witn another noob question. I have a lvl 80 db and I was wondering if ...
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    Default Curse Refraction

    Hello Everyone, here I am witn another noob question. I have a lvl 80 db and I was wondering if it would be worth to reskill and have the following skill points:

    60 heal
    62 holy (I know 2 points wasted)
    20 master

    I just want to try the curse refraction and the elysian web but the cool down is 180 secs!!

    is it worth it for pk?

    right now, I have my skill points as follow:

    60 heal
    70 holy
    12 master

    Have anyone out there try it?

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    IMO it's only worth in case you are going 23master,80heal and 45db at 83lvl... Elysian web decreases magic dmg reveiced by 30% which is good when ur pt is facing mageparty trying to novarain shlt out of you but cool down is definetely too high as you mentioned. Curse reflection prevents you from getting any debuff (parasite, malice ect) but it still allows skills such as blooding, chaos curses ect (not 100% sure about chaos curses). So I'd say don't go for that skill set up unless u are 83 and full healer.

    Your current setup is good. In case you are going 83 you can have either that full healer or 80db/60heal/5master...

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    I had tried the curse refraction, frankly, as u said, the cool down is too long, when and where to use is a problem..I regretted, unless u going for master 23
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