Well i had a mage i think imma play around with now and he is skilled 52 light/ 48 glacier (for the 80 gr resist) and was curious on what would be the best. I liked stunning the most but not sure on the staff. Not planning on spending much money but just curious on +0 uniques and a staff, here's my idea of what to get, lemmie know what u think.

Armor: +8/15 Hp Crystal (DD helm)

Staff: Not sure on Chaotic +7 or Elysium +7 (Would prefer to stun) Light Erenion +7 (Used that back in the day and not sure if that would be good since i have imirs so it would do decent damage)

Uniques: Cleric Earring+0/WSE+0, EP+0, (Glass but idk if its in price range), Dual Imirs +0

Stats: NO idea what to put into what (to stun but still be able to stay alive)

And final question is DCZ even worth it? Lol. I heard they changed the way Arrow Shower hits targets but idk if that did anything