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dcz priest stats

This is a discussion on dcz priest stats within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; yo guys i wanna start playing dcz priest but idk how to put my stat points can you guys help ...
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    Post dcz priest stats

    yo guys i wanna start playing dcz priest but idk how to put my stat points can you guys help me ?


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    what's your budget?

    there are a few builds:

    1) Paper Priest - This build can be good for people who have really good gear and can get a good paper dd cap. You put just enough int for your paper armour, 90 strength for DS and the rest for HP. You will have massive HP with this build, low Mana, but still good enough defence (im assuming you have good gear if you chose this build, that is why you defence will still be good and you will have atleast 45dd (dd cap+7 + iron set + DS+7 at least).

    Here you will also have to add a few points so you can wear a lobo/lycaon hammer if you wish.

    2) FP build - Basically again put enough points into so you can wear a full set of FP and the rest goes into HP. This build will give you good mana / hp / defence, but still less defence than the chitin build. With this build if you want you may put enough stats to wear a Chitin dd helmet (assuming you're on c-west and there are no fp dd helmets, your choice).

    I'd compare FP+8 to Chitin+7, if you can get Chitin+8 then go for Chitin+8.

    3) Chitin build - Again put enough for your armour and the rest goes into HP.

    I personally prefer the Chitin build, because it gives you the most Defence, and imo AC > HP.


    About Skill points

    1) 57 Buff / 39 Heal / 3 Duff

    2) 57 Duff / 42 Heal

    3) 54 Heal / 45 Duff

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    chtin you need 172 int 102 str for +7 and 174int 104 str for +8

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    I was a bp in rlb and i had 236str,76int for +8 paper and rest hp and i pretty pwnd every1


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