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Earings For Ardream Mage

This is a discussion on Earings For Ardream Mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; i wanna hear your opinions, wuts the best earings at the same + ???...
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    i wanna hear your opinions, wuts the best earings at the same + ???

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    cleric earrings +1/2/3 are the best imo, i love how they give good resistances and int and mana, which will help a lot since u wont hafta soulpot until much later. How

    However, SSE +0/1/2/3 earrings are also very good, since they have much higher AC than CE's, and they give a more HP at the same +. However, since ardream amges dont get a lotta HP points per health stat, i would say that the extra lil HP u get from SSE isnt as good as the resistances + mana from CE, but if u really want AC, than go for the SSE, since it does give quite a bit more AC.

    However, comparing SSE and CE at the same + isnt really fair, since on most srvers, SSE costs like 2x more than CE.... and on some servers, CE +1 = SSE +0's costs.... so i almost never compare these 2 earrings at the same +, i usually compare CE +1 with SSE +0, and SSE +1 with CE +2. But if u really only want to compare CE +0 with SSE +0 and so on, then SSE would be the better one in this comparision.

    So take ur pick, those 2 are the best earrings for ardream...... if u want mana and resists go for CE, if ur all about HP and AC, go for SSE. And u can always use a combination of the 2 (for me, i would go for CE tho ) my $0.02, hope it helps.

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    1st thx for the help :P

    i actually prefer earings with as much as resistances they can have.. :P
    btw if u can chose between WE's+1 and CE's+1 which will u go for?
    i mean WE's gives a bit more HP then CE's :S

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    Well on most servers WE is almost like a SSE and thats like CE+1 :P Plus I would pick CE always , cause u dont really see much advantage of that str bonus .. maybe in R hits or w/e .. but that mana is very very usefull ;P

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    k, thx every 1

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    seriously though in dcz attacks use basically nothing for mana, i'd go hp/ac if i were you. or at least half and half


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