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Full Plate, Chitin or Krowas

This is a discussion on Full Plate, Chitin or Krowas within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm a 82 INT priest on kronos and need some advices. The rest of my unique items are: Legionaire Band+1 ...
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    Default Full Plate, Chitin or Krowas

    I'm a 82 INT priest on kronos and need some advices.

    The rest of my unique items are:
    Legionaire Band+1
    lilime+2 (visuel+3)
    Iron necklace
    Gab's Adamant+7
    Lycaon Hammer+7

    I'm using now Full Plates:
    Pauldrone, Pads, Helmet, Boots +9
    Gauntlets +8 (I will try Chitin +8 or higher)

    I can choose Chitin:
    Chitin pauldrone+9
    Rest can be Chitin +8 or those FPs +9

    Or Krowas set +7

    I checked the stats on King of Knight these are the results:

    Full plate Chitin Krowas
    1070 1086 1210 Defence
    7218 6904 6608 HP
    5834 6260 7734 MP
    164 167 203 Fire Recist
    184 187 223 Ice Recist
    204 207 243 Lightning Recist

    I want to hear some advices, mabye also some other advices on my uniques.
    I have 50 GBs to spend too.

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    Get krowaz, it has 600 less hp than fp but 2k more mana and 140 more ac plus all the resis you get. not sure about prices in your server but i would get krowaz

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    i'd go for krowaz!

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    Its all about the player so my best advice is to give me the info on that priest, let me fraps some and make you famous :P

    Sexay items you got on that char, i hope u and other mikes are pwning Kronos like we did Akara back in the day.

    I dont know about Krowaz cause as you remember i quit before they where implemented. But by looking at the stats you have posted its a no brainer, go for Krowaz 100%.

    Unless u plan going BP u have no use for that Lilime +2, get dual SSE at the highest plus u can get. You allready have nice resis from lycaon and krowaz set and u dont need the str on the lili so get another SSE for more HP.

    For support priest and with that Adamant on at all time i think that an EP+3 with that beastly HP boost is better than the IN but that has been an eternal beef between those 2, Iron Necklace and Glass Belt are fine, i think EP+3 + Iron Belt would be better but there is no real need to change the Neck and the belt u allready have.

    With the spare money get dual SSE at the highest + u can and get (depending on market prizes) the combination of rings that give you more HP and AC i dont know the market prizes for +1s or +2s in Kronos so idk if getting another Leg +1 possible or if RoLs are not THAT much more expensive.

    Honestly with the allready high AC u got i think the HP and resis of the Legs are good enough but then again you allready have really nice resis so i dont know jajajaja i allways liked AC more than anything in this game, if there are many mages go for Legs if your main worry are melees then go for RoLs.

    Good luck bro, do u still have that wawa u where gonna let me play ?

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    krowaz :P
    More DEFF
    more HP
    more RESITENCE ;P

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    krowaz i would prefare more than chitins or fps on 75+ the times of chitins or fps on lvl 80 are over

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    I think this was all rdy discuss.. but w/e

    KROWAZ all the way.... sure with FP you may get an extra 500 Hp... but when u get hit u gonna hit hard...

    Ex with FP9 attacker will do 600 DMg each hit and with Krowaz7 eahc hit will do 450 damage..

    So that extra HP is gonne when 4 warriors go on u in 1-2 hits...

    Same with mages... Mages will Own U

    KROWAZ BY FAR.....

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    BTW ... 50 GB can get FULL +7 Krowaz set...

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    go for krowaz +7
    ressist hp def its gg


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