earrings: secret silver earring > cleric earring > bronze earring > golden earring
pendant: iron necklace > elemental pendant > priest pendant > amulet of goddess > lycoan pendant > amulet of health > green dragon necklace > lobo pendant
belt: iron belt > glass belt > light belt of life > belt of life
rings: ring of legend > agate ring > ruby ring > platinum ring > gold ring > opal ring[/b]
now smething from me .

sse>wse>ce>be (golden earring is shit, and the quest one is better)
In > ep > wp > aog (lycaon is shit, pp is not for priest XD, aoh sux at all more preffer quest, gdn sux, lobo sux)
gb > ib > light belt of life > kb (belt of life = quest)
rings(ardream) rol> rom > roc> agate (rest sux and quest one i better than all what u says..)

Cizia ;
KB > LBOL > BOL ...

not saying it's MUCH cheaper...

and I guess WSE is cheaper than SSE at any server... same to ROM and ROL

It's not worth buying for example amu of health, cuz it's a shit...[/b]
"jak sie niema co sie lubi, to sie lubi co sie ma"

if you be baba shop u think you will prefer rol than rom ..
you will prefer gb/ib > kb

you will prefer other shield than ds.. thats for sure.

those guy say "thx" for reply so topic is to close i think..