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lvl 80 mage build help

This is a discussion on lvl 80 mage build help within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; hi, i need some help because i dont know what buy for my mage i am crystal build 144int (poldron ...
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    Default lvl 80 mage build help

    hi, i need some help because i dont know what buy for my mage

    i am crystal build 144int (poldron is +9) and complete+8 gauntlets
    i have +2/+3 imir rings, sse+1,ce+3,IN,GB
    and the staff is chaotic+8

    i have a lot of money but i dont know what item buy, an other imir+3 or crystal+9 or earing??


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    Chaotic +8 -> Kaul Faun +7/8 > Gold Aztec Faun +7/8 > Elysium +8
    IN -> EP +3
    SSE +1 -> WSE +2/3
    CE +3 -> LKP +3/4
    and then Crystals +9
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    hmm not molok +7 better?

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    With ur build u should get an elysium+8 or think about going shell+8/9 and with elixer9 for looks along with good amount of menace. Elysium hits harder than most staffs and it gives more int, which should help u stun, (if it is not changed.) Get dual SSE+2 last becuase earrings do not boost as much as the other accessories. Ep+3 and IN are interchangeable. Both are good, but you gotta know how to use them. For you id suggest going iron build, but its up 2 u. Also when u pk surround urself with good priests and own cz
    Btw: I really like your build so far and choice of items becuase u can play dcz mage anytime u want. Crystal+9 set is beyond ideal for dcz. Those new staffs are not good becuase u cannot go dcz. That will always keep the level of intesity high and keep u havving fun.
    oH YEA, if u got money like the way u say u do, get a CS+0 reduced and get 51 str to be able to equip it. It is the best shield for a mage in a pinch.

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    i have bought an other part of crystal+9 (pads) and a second imir+3
    its pretty nice, i will post my stat soon


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