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Mage Build Guide

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    Default Mage Build Guide

    I always had question about mage. What effects dmg what staff is best, now that I know a little more I would like to share my findings.

    Flame: High dmg
    Lightning: Medium dmg : Stuns, blink, blind
    Glacier: Medium dmg : Slows, Freezing Distance

    Advantages: High dmg

    If the mage you are building is going to be Flame, your purpose in life is to do dmg. as much dmg as you can. Generally speaking a flame mage will be a part of a mage party to "Nova Town" which is hard to do now in CZ with the tower dmg increase. In order to do the most damage you need a staff with the highest attack power and flame dmg and Flame rings (the highest you can afford). The attack power of the staff will buff the fire staff skill and the elemental dmg will buff the novas and other damaging spells.

    (only magic power from base stats will improve dmg in PvP)
    This is important because it determines the rest of your items and accessories. Building MP items would be useless so use accessories (minus Flame Rings) to become more durable. Secret Silver Earrings (SSE) are very nice, High hp and some ac are very useful. LKP are nice for resistances. Iron set (or iron Neck and glass belt) Armor (see below)

    :: LIGHTNING::
    Advantages: Stun while damaging, AOE blind, Blink

    My personal favorite. Lightning mages can either be Support ( run around and teleport team from danger) or Damage.
    If you are going to be doing damage, you will want to determine where you want your damage to come from. You are most likely to stun from your staff attack. As with flame, to buff your damage on your staff attack you will need higher AP on your staff. The attack power on your staff will also increase your stun chance. This is why people pick lightning.
    If you are going support mage, You want Rings of Life or Legionnaire Bands instead of Imir Rings. (Imir rings only help the damage of your lightning attacks. In CZ i would skill 160 int to wear Krowaz and use cursed staff if attacking. If you are going support role skill 91 in Str for a gabs Adamant ( Blessing if you are poor like me) or Chitin shield ( req 51 str) if you are even more wealthy. Halloween cane is a 1 handed staff allowing you to staff attack while wearing shield but stun chance is very small due to low attack damage.
    Lightning: support advantages: Stun, AOE blind, Short range Blink (lvl 80 Skill).
    Side note: lightning stun chance is reduced by opponents Lightning Resistance.
    as well as Glacier slow for Glacier resistance.

    :: GLACIER::
    This is probably my least experienced role. Fundamentally it works like lightning, attack and support are both possible. The damage from lightning is slightly higher, but imirís are more expensive than shio tears making gearing this type rather cheap. Staff attack dmg increased by AP on staff, and elemental will affect other spells.
    The main thing I love about glacier is its support capability. The lvl 80 skill Freezing Distance can be detrimental to a party if used on a priest. Also throwing the novas and other spells can slow the party.
    Support advantage: Freezing Distance (lvl 80 skill)

    :: ARMOR & STAFF ::
    LINEN: I have friends who pull of great linen robe builds and do well in RLB and CZ. It is focused on higher Magic Power. The run somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 int. This can work well with a fulitol in CZ because they do not have a req int.
    Crystal: I love crystal 9 set. 144 int req for it is perfect for a candy cane+ 26 if you have one, or Elysium, hell blood ect. It has a bit more defense and crystal 9 is relatively cheap. But damage is reduced a bit. I think it works well for a support mage because its hp can be better than a krowaz 7 set for CZ.
    Complete: meh. If you have a +9 set of complete it is going to have the same hp as with the crystal with not very much more AC to show, for the price. 160 int req.
    Krowaz: 75+ 160 int req for +7. Great hp, great ac. It is a good setup for mage who doesnít want to be a push over. Sacrificing some mp for the Int to wear it is the tradeoff. Also good for support but still very viable for attacking mages.
    I did at one point have an Exceptional Ronís Set +8. It was cool because it was rare. It is a step below krowaz and has 70 + req and 160 int. it was pretty costly and frankly wasnít the best option I could have for the money.

    I hardly play dcz so I will not know the best gear for players in that area. I would assume linen or crystal would be the best bet. With chaotic staff or Elysium or their kinds. ( sorry for this blank spot, maybe some can comment some good stuff for that field and ill insert it with credit to its author)


    Earrings::: almost always the same :SSE +(highest you can afford)
    or :LKP +(highest you can afford)
    or :Bronze Earing +(highest you can afford)
    Necklace::: Iron Neck, Elemental Pendant (nice if trying to get a bit more hp cheaper)

    Belt::: Iron Belt
    Glass Belt (good for Int bonus if needed) {and cheaper xD}
    Skeleton belt for Defences if low on funds
    Rings::: Flame Rings, Imir Rings, Shio Tears, Ring of Life, Legionair Band.

    Is paper mage worth it?
    if your intent is to do massive dmg, it can be. i would reccomend more defence personally, but there are plenty of paper mages that pull it off well.
    Since base MP stats do increase PvP damage it can be great. If you do, you would need great accessories to compensate for your lack of Defense. Like In Set, SSE +2's . Possibly some armor pieces with defenses for Dagger or Spear depending on where you are pvping. I would recommend this only for flame Mage as the point of paper is to do dmg and flame is the best dmg.

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    few things that come to my mind:

    - base dmg on lithing and ice are same (staff, novas, pilars)
    - usualy cube works better on players with bigger base HP
    - with 82 lvl u can be 255 mp and 160 int
    - krowaz set +7 give 50 hp less than complates +9 but much more def/mana/resistances on 83 lvl ( a bit less at 80)
    - paper mages bulid at 80+ pk is ded and useless, low def, very low mana ( with alot of mana drain from priest it is really pain in ass).


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