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Mage and monster stone

This is a discussion on Mage and monster stone within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Originally Posted by inarco if u dont get much cash...and you're at the u got basic equipment..somthing like old ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by inarco View Post
    if u dont get much cash...and you're at the u got basic equipment..somthing like old rings...and so .... the faster way would be statting /skilling the mage as paper mage...having flame as primary skill ofc.

    all the other setups will require more time/pots consumed without considering the chance to neither end the ms...especially at higher lvls.

    An mp rec staff, works great there too.
    Ofc wear a whole mp jewels too.
    A last to use the buff npc...most of all the one that gives u magical attack bonus.
    It makes the real diff. in dmg. If i'm not wrong...u do 2x dmg tnx to it.

    People hate paper setups for many good reasons...but if u are just focused on exping...till let's say...reaching an 80lvl...or any other lvl u want...going paper would be deffo a good choice in my op.
    > mp > dmg > faster kills > faster exp
    And u if u put your hands on a cursed staff..well...u start to see some real gg dmg xD

    Where is this?

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    takes me 20mins on a full krowz 77 fire mage lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrawDaddy View Post
    Where is this?
    The enchanter for buffs inside a monster stone is disabled thanks to the Halloween patch. Just hold them for another week or two, then do them all at once when it is fixed.

    I have 15 in my inventory right now that I can't do without the enchanter giving me magic buffs. I am lvl 62 paper mage with all stat points into MP, using a lycaon +0, full mp +8 armor set, and +0/+1 MP uniques.

    My last monster stone experience with the Halloween patch in effect (no enchanter buffs) had me killing only about 3/5 of the mobs and using a hellish amount of HP pots. No thanks, I will just keep them and wait.

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    from the only place where u'll be able to listen the true Minimal


    i tried right after patch 1856 or how it's called...but the npc buffer was still bugged.
    Anyway, i decided to try it and check what i could do and how much time i needed; so that i could give ya all some infos.

    Well atm my mage is 76 paper flame. I tried with dual old fr ring and a lycaon staff+0.
    Mp armor +7 and the rest were quest jewels.
    I've choosen those items cuz everyone can easely get them so...i mean i'm not talking about a char godly geared

    I could end it.
    Basicly i did about half the dmg i used to do using the magical attack buff given by that npc.
    Meteor/super nova recovered about 50%-60% of my mana.
    Average dmg with manes of fire was 2500 without absolute power and about 3k+ when it was on. not a big diff but u feel it.

    No probs at all with the easier mobs. I could recover mana too when in need, casting the 2novas..and then i spammed manes.

    A pretty interesting thing i noticed ( and then i did ) is that 72 blade attack hitted the same or almost the same as manes.
    It suks much more mana than manes but it 's hella faster and at the end tnx to the 2 additional dmg it does, it used to hit same as manes or higher.
    Let's say manes did 2500 dmg, blade hit did 2400+r hit + additional flame dmg that was about 200+. So almost 3k or smthing like that.
    Therefore i killed the boss and the stronger mobs using blade skill ...alternating it with manes when i had pots problem.
    PLus...a saving the 75 lvl master skill for killing the stronger mobs so u can cast 2 absolute of power. Or you can carry some sweep potions too and using them while your absolute power is refreshing.

    I died once too (4 testing) while i was at half mission and i did repot and rpr too.
    No sw scrol on but i could still end the mission succesfully.
    Now...i have to recognize u can do that ms...but i 'm not sure u can do the ms at lower lvls cuz you have to face more mobs. They are weaker..true..but they are many. So..well u know try it out.

    P.s. i've alternated the lycaon+0 with wood+10...basicly they still do same dmg there. That's so funny Wich staff u use barely influence your dmg there.
    p.s2. i still have 15 monster stones inside my inv! what a pain ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoods View Post
    How long does it take you guys to do a monster stone with your mage? And how much do you have into mp? Since the National Enchanter is bugged in ms I can't even complete a ms now. With the buffs it would take me 20-25 minutes. I'm thinking of restatting to hit harder. I have 157 in mp right now. I'm statted for a ds so I'd gain atleast 40 in mp. How much of a difference would that make? I want to do ms as fast as possible. Thanks

    on my lvl 63 mage i cant complete MS...

    i'd need 60 mins i think...

    so leave some mobs and run to boss if u are short on time

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    I found out that if you use the magic buff to increase attack power it will be really easy to complete MS has mage

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    Don't forget to take the "buff" at the begining, the attack thing, cuz without it, u can barelly get out if u are not geared as hell.....

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