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oasis8 or garp8

This is a discussion on oasis8 or garp8 within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; for a lvl 80/59 mage 130ap vs 122 45glac vs 64 7dd vs 24int 6hp vs...
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    Default oasis8 or garp8

    for a lvl 80/59 mage
    130ap vs 122
    45glac vs 64
    7dd vs 24int
    6hp vs

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    are you krowaz? or not?

    if you are, then id say go for garp...

    if youre not...then go for oasis

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    from the only place where u'll be able to listen the true Minimal


    on the 80 lvl the garp would work better and would hit harder.
    I deffo suggest oasis for the 59 since your hp is lower and you feel a lot more any plus dd at that lvl.
    Moreover oasis needs less int so u can use more setups.

    If u dont have enough cash for buying both of them...well go after oasis. it's always a nice staff. At any lvl

    If u want some datas...

    garp would hit deffo harder with blade skills since its higher ap.
    oasis would have a slightly higher dot dmg tnx to its higher elem. dmg.

    About the other skills_dmg, well the fork of dmgs (from the lowest and to highest) is pretty big. So basicly it's pretty hard to establish an average dmg too for each staff.
    But garp should hit still higher (like with thorn...inceniration....ect)

    Let's say...the lower ap of oasis is well compensated in terms of bonus and a bit more elemental dmg that helps aoe skills both in term of dmg and of slow rate.

    So basicly the choice is: a bit more dmg vs a bit more % to stay alive.
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    I'm not sure what staff is better at 80, but oasis+8 is great for a lvl 59. The DD is a great bonus, along with the HP. You will be able to tank a little more.

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    So with that, do you think its good to buy a +8 Chaotic when your vsing rogues in ardream? (and use elysium 8 when your not getting hit by rogues?)

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    both staffs are good it also depends on your items if u got 20 wep def or not if u wanna stack dd go oasis or wanna hit harder go garp
    but 80+ molok is better or any type of those


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