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RLB Mage Build Question

This is a discussion on RLB Mage Build Question within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Ok so.. I have Mage lvl 69 (and will stay 69 only) with this gear: Completes +7 DD Helmet +7 ...
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    Ok so.. I have Mage lvl 69 (and will stay 69 only) with this gear:

    Completes +7
    DD Helmet +7
    2x Shio +0
    2x 10hp earrings
    Elixir +8
    Glacier Erenion +7

    Atm I'm stated 160 int / 170 mp / rest hp

    Stats are somewhere around:
    around 4500-4600 HP
    around 1k AC

    I'm doing pretty good dmg with Elixir +8 and soon I'll be getting Oasis+8, that means that's I'll stay Ice/Lightening build.

    Problem is, I cant ice sh*t!!! My ice rate is like 10-12% no matter what I use, both Elixir or GE. Seems like everyone have 1000 Ice Res. :huh: So I was thinking..
    Will it be better to go G3 build, with like 200-220 (or full) on MP and rest on HP?? I'm not worried about tanking cuz I have nice group of ppl that I play with (:wub: TheGreenGoblins )
    Or maybe G2 or G4 build?
    Notice: Flame and Lightening are not options atm, cuz this is not my main char and I dont really wanna spend too much coins on it.

    Edit: Just got Oasis+8, slow rate seems to be increased only a bit, i'd say it's at 15-17 % now.

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    When i was playing the mage of a friend, we had a schorching +6 reb and set G3 ( with dd helmet ofc).. and bah well even with the schorching i was slowing really good with blizzard mostly like 95%? ( or might be cuz it was noobies with no resist who knows , :P)..

    But yeh since a gg mage told us to get G3, i swear it ownz.. Dont go G2, cuz the def u gain by G3 compared to the other build is like 50def.. to what not even 20mp....

    GOGO G3 !

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    get a garp, and see the difference


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