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What is the best 1h weapon for a full BP?

This is a discussion on What is the best 1h weapon for a full BP? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hey guys, Just started on Piana and I made a BP. Will probably be going 'Full BP' (grade 1/2/3 gear)since ...
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    Default What is the best 1h weapon for a full BP?

    Hey guys,

    Just started on Piana and I made a BP.

    Will probably be going 'Full BP' (grade 1/2/3 gear)since I like playing with a 2h weapon (and with the recent changes INT BP can't really be played with a 2h weapon anymore, atleast the 1h weaps scale with INT now).

    So I was wondering, what would be the best 1h weapon for 'full BP'? - Hanguk maybe?
    or aren't there any really good 1h weapons anymore for 'full BP'? (in which case it might be better to go INT BP afterall).

    Atm I have: 200 STR /121 INT , will prolly have to restat if I indeed want to go full BP.

    Would like to hear u guys ur opinions, if u have a different build to suggest, feel free to do so


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    graham or hanguk but thats ofc. if your gonna be pking right away cause most ppl running with skelly belts or who knows they might be running with iron sets+1 now
    paper BP dont work anymore but now its about wantng your AP to be int base or str base..if you go for int base that means you wont be using a 2handed weapon and the weapon of choice would be a smite hammer+7 or a leonar+7(which might be hard to get in a new server like this)

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    We talked about it ingame already but here we go:

    122 Int
    205 Str
    Rest hp

    Plate gauntlet+7/8
    Silk coat +7/8
    Silk Pants +7/8
    2nd grade Priest Boots +7/8
    2nd grade Priest Helmet +7/8

    Iron impact +7/8 // Hell breaker +7/8 // Mirage Sword +8
    Chitin shield +5-+7
    Hanguk Sword +7/+8
    Dread +7

    In+1 (dragon box shit)
    Skeleton belt or IB+1 (dragon box shit)
    Legionare band
    Ring of life
    2x we+1 or 2x lillime

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    Graham>hanguk sword on main hand (doesnt matter the +')

    Hanguk sword>graham on off hand , this works on warriors and priests,

    As for the rest of builds i'd say those int bp weapons ( smite hammer , Leonard , etc ; Lycaon hammer on off hand )

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    Just a noob question, strenght bonus works only for 2 handed club or for all weapons?, including 1 handed swords, 1 handed club and priest weapon.

    Apart from weapon penalty before level 60.

    Im planing to build an INT BP:


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    Ok now im really confused, i have 2 smite hammer +7, as i said planning to play int Battle priest lvl 59. I dont get AP bonus from armor with strength bonus... but when i raise my strength (my stat) to wear chitin +7 (INT bonus) my AP increases (something that doesnt happen when i raise my INT stat). So, for int battle priest (using priest weapon), strength stat increases AP but not INT stat... but for amors INT increases AP but not strength... is that correct?
    Should i spend my remaining point in strength or in HP as i had planned?

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    I disagree with a lot of things suggested here tbh.

    The best 1h weaps ( if u look for dmg )are the ones with the highest ap/elem and eventually int bonus ( but that does not exist yet).
    So basicly: utc hammer , mean leonard (if +8 or higher u can think of using it in spite of the utc ones, cuz of the leo curse), stone splitter, smite hammer,exc impact,impact, hanguk, graham.

    Imo, the best bet would be a 69 char;
    A 59 lvl, even before the items, he lacks of skills and stats. U have just a 1 skill that hit decently (almost like judment) but it's not spammable; so your average dmg output wont be that great at all.
    In top of that, he lacks of god-blessed stats points to pump your hp/mana/str for achieving the max potential.

    A lvl 80+ ( i would say 83 tbh) even if he uses a gg skills like helis, wont be dealing all that great dmg cuz nowadays 83s people go around with tons of hp, res, def and gg jewels that mitigate helis.

    A 69 lvl, got decent stats, gg support skills (duff/fll heal) and gg dmg-skill;
    The best built imo, (if u plan to use both 1h and 2h) would be statting at least 132 int points; if i rememeber right smite+7+8+ &C require at least 132 int points. According to the armor u want to use...i would try even a 146/150 points

    A smite +8 ( if i remember right again) should have 128 ap that's a lot a lot A LOT more than even a +9(str) 1handed weap.
    Same for the stone splitter; in terms of dmg the splitter will perform sligtly better cuz of higher elem dmg. So if the hp loss is well balanced tnx to your jewels/armor/stats/sets, u can use it for sure.

    Then u should put just enough str points to wear your 2h weapon ( HB becouse: 1) int bonus that gives u extra mana that's always needed -even if it wont affect HB dmg- 2) huge elem. dmg that works great against high AC/max CLub def targets and moreover ensure u an avarage dmg even if u got low ap 3) low str requirement so that u can play with your stat-points easely.

    For jewels i would go: Elem pendant, glass belt, rol, legio ( even 2x legio ), cleric earrings (or We if u feel u miss that str so bad)
    Highest + as possible - ofcourse.
    When u got a shield on, the neck wont make such a huge difference. Especially if u are going to upgrade the elemental pendant at the highest +. The hp bonus is huge and too usefull and the extra int bonus is the cherry on the cake.
    Glass belt cuz of the int and hp bonus; if u cant buy it..i would pick an old skele and / or an old harpy belt: decent ac, 30/20, decent resists, and a nice 30 ice/lr res.

    For rings:1rol for the ac/hp and lr, and 1 legio; Rings are the jewels that can give u the highest ac. I wont really smoke those slots for retarded plat rings.
    The lack of ac on the legio is more then good compensated by the huge elemt. resists.
    I would consider even 2x legios cuz rlb is usually infested by archers and warriors; and they love to spam ice-shots ( that skill got a really high success rate ) as well as legcut (that's ice-res-influenced too); with all the duffers around u shouldn't be wasting precious seconds in curing your sw...i mean...not too often...a classical combo: ice-shot,(u cure), malice (your cure animation still didn't refreshed -so u cant' neither heal), random gang, now u think of a full heal, styx, para/torment, man dead.
    ALl that cuz u used cure at wrong time and/or your pt buddies didnt cured u for some reasons.

    Again, the better the + of legios is, the better the template work.
    CE over WE for the same reason. U want mana, res and hp. Some extra str wont really make such a huuge difference.

    Well what else...gotta go out...i'll keep adding things later if u want.

    Btw, the best results are with a gang.The lack of ap of the single is covered by the n*; i can ensure u, that such a gang of int bp, is a ridiclsy funny to see in action especially in bdws.
    A point to underline is: even if u'll have crappy gear, and 0 int bonus, if u hit bosses with 1 handed weap, u'll deal the same or sligtly lower dmg ( 100- dmg) than a huber baba shining warrior with 3k ap. Kind funny


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