My last topic was closed for some reason so...

Buying -

Rogue Items - just need +8 pads and chd+1rb

<strike>Rogue chitin +8/+5rb pauldron</strike> (bought for igc)
Rogue chitin +8/+5rb pads
<strike>Rogue chitin +8/+5rb boots</strike>
<strike>Rogue chitin +8/+5rb gaunts</strike>
CHD +7/+1rb or better

Priest Items -

DS +5/+6/+7
Chitin dd helm +7/+1rb

<strike>S> Character Seal Scroll.</strike>

That&#39;s it at the moment. I&#39;ll update as I need new/different items. Thanks!~

Pm me with what your looking for (usd or gbs) or leave here. If usd, paypal only (my bank doesn&#39;t support WU) I can get vouches if needed.