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Do NOT buy a char named Hyperios

This is a discussion on Do NOT buy a char named Hyperios within the Gordion forums, part of the Market Place category; Originally Posted by BabaHypno can somoene post his msn or smtn ? he also use this msn [email protected]
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabaHypno View Post
    can somoene post his msn or smtn ?
    he also use this msn [email protected]

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    I can see what is happening here.
    Firstly, I'm the ORIGINAL owner of Hyperios, you know, the one that was in AtomicDingoes?
    Then i ran around mora, trying to sell it cause i got bored of it, got PM'd by some guy named GambrinusCZ asking that he wanted to buy it. I let him check the account as most do.. buti had forgotten that i submitted a support ticket to change my secret Q/A's, and he got access to them and got the password and email changed. So there we go, my mistake.
    I was submitting tickets to K2 for about 3 weeks before I finally got it back. 3 days later, password changes?
    So i went ahead and got the account back again, but tickets were getting resolved within 1 day so yeah, but i kept losing the account. Now i finally got the the account and it seems no one is trying to take it off me..
    So to conclude, it's all your fault for buying it, since I had no idea it was being sold so many times, i have a right to take it back.
    PS: if you are all wondering why this account is so new, i only made it because i heard that there was a topic about my char being scammed a lot.

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    well guys.. good morning.. i only created the account in ko4life.. to say all the reason the pass is recover always.

    FIRST..all know if we have an OLD account of ko.. we can add this to a gamersfirst account..
    so,that's the problem with HYPERIOS.. a evil person .. add an OLD account of KO to HYPERIOS ACCOUNT GAMERSFIRST.. so when all buy the account only change the information about HYPERIOS and not of the old account added..

    so he changes the e-mail (when he changes the e-mail , its changed for hyperios too) and if he has the e-mail ... all know he can change ALL information and recover pass or change pass...

    Ps: my english is really bad but if understand me thanks all ... if not sorry but only i like help.

    Ps2: i Know That cuz im scammed too,,, and remember change 2 accounts information


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