Selling my lvl 80.98 warrior delvled..
Info. Old Sephiroth acc took name change when it got enabled.


33k np most donated to clan..

Personal Sword +7

Was in Old Undestructablezzzz clan and new Gladiators clan at human side.

Got alot of Vouchers.

Got all info on the acc and only 1 owner before me. have had the acc around

Selling it couse that i am not that active anymore and i might start Dlw on Xigenon Server.

Nr 1. NorwegianWarrior lvl 80.98 dlvled:/
Nr 2. Twinkler lvl 37 mage
Nr 3. Slot free!

Got 7gbs for sale. pm me if interested.

Taking offers.

Usd Wu or PP

can also take IGI or IGC on Xig Server.