My selling list,im quitting usko, move to euko, so i am selling some items and char:

Lvl 80 warrior orc nation ---> c/o 50 us dollars or gbs
ps +3 all skill open
full olds
low nps

lvl 82, 59% rogue orc nation ---> c/o 200 us dollars or gbs
set krowas +1 rebirth, all skill open
more than 100 k np in clan and mor than another 100 k np in char
full olds

re +2 ---> c/o 10 gbs a or us dollars
hr +2 visual ---> c/o =??
Chd +8 ---> c/o 21 gbs or us dollars
in +0 --> c/o 22 gbs or us dollars

coins: Stock 47 gold bars 3.3 us dollars each gb

payment is by paypal, wu, gbs in game.