Both same account

Trading lvl 63 12% rogue orc on West unmasterd , with 15 days plat prem ( since 5.4.08 )
Pathos gloves + gryhpon armors with 12k Nps , rogue still got xp quests , for example Gargoyle hung , Crimson wings hunt , Peace of ronark land , Fallen angels
Rogue lvl 74 Karus on Ares with Gryphon armors and pathos gloves around 84k Nps

For lvl 63+ warrior here with items / master or lvl 65+ warrior w/o items , prefer karus side

Pm me for more info.

Things you should know :

- This account NEVER got hacked before

- Dont even bother to pm me if you known person on ko4life unless and ... read the other thing under this one

- I wont give you the info first , i have enough vouchers to prove i'm a trustable person , i sold many USD trades you can cheak my trustable list.
If you give me the info first and i can change all and everything is fine , you can be sure 100% you will have the info 2 seconds after i changed yours.

If you intersted pm me , you can ask moderators , admins about me , to cheak and make sure you can trust me.