<span style="color:#000080">Selling the following for USD!
Warrior Pendant +1=150usd
Iron Belt +1 =300usd
Iron Necklace +1 -SOLD
ROL+0=130usd Ring of life (ROL) on ebay
Warrior Earring +1=175usd
Warrior Earring=75usd Warrior Earring On Ebay
Golden Pendant +14 str +2 hp=40usd
Kekuri Belt +0=15usd
Kekuri Belt +0=15usd
Flame Ring +1=90usd
Lycoan Pendant +0=5usd
Lycoan Pendant +0=5usd
Secret Silver Earring +0=100usd
Platinum Earring +0=80usd
Ruby Ring +0=30usd
Ice Belt +0=10usd
Lightning Belt +0=10usd
Forvein x9=200 Forvein x 9
Paper +9/19 HP bonus gloves=90usd
Paper +9/19 STR bonus cap=90usd
Paper +9/19 STR bonus gloves - SOLD
Paper +9/19 STR bonus boots - SOLD
Paper +9/19 STR bonus pads - SOLD
Paper +9/19 STR bonus pauldron=90usd
Paper +3/10 dagger defence cap=25usd
Paper +6/25 dagger defence cap=185usd
Paper +5/20 spear defence cap=25usd
Paper +5/20 spear defence cap=25usd
Paper +5/20 spear defence boots=25usd
Paper +5/20 spear defence gloves=25usd
Paper +5/20 club defence pauldron=25usd
Paper +6/25 axe defence gloves=25usd
Paper +3/10 axe defence boots=10usd
Paper +4/15 sword defence cap=20usd
Paper +4/15 sword defence gloves=20usd
Plate +6/25 axe defence gloves=25usd
Full plate +6/25 dagger defence helmet=50usd
Full plate +6/25 dagger defence helmet=50usd
Full Plate +4/15 sword defence helmet=25usd
Full Plate +4/15 sword defence gloves=20usd
Full Plate +6/25 axe defence gloves=30usd
Full Plate +6/25 axe defence boots=30usd
Full Plate +9/19 health bonus pads=100usd
Full Plate +5/20 spear defence boots=25usd
Full Plate +5/20 spear defence boots=25usd
Shell Pauldron +8/15 heath non-rebirthed=60usd

Large Kite Shield +5/40 arrow defence=10usd
Large Kite Shield +5/40 Dagger Defence=50usd

Iron Impact +8/80=200usd
Hanguk Sword +8=115usd
Impact +8/80=120usd
Graham +8/80=75usd Graham +8 on Ebay
Mirage Sword +8 *no element*=145usd
Holy Animor +7=100usd RESERVED
Priest Impact +8/80=60usd
Iron Bow +8/80= http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll......p;rd=1&rd=1

Misc. items:
Paper +8/15hp boots/pads/helmet/pauldron=20usd
Plate +8/15hp gauntlets/boots=15usd
Full Plate +8/15 hp Helm/2xPauldrons/Boots/gloves=25usd set
Full Plate +8/15 str Helm/gloves/boots=10usd each
Chitin Goblin 2xPads/pauldron=60usd set
Paper Goblin Pads/pauldron=5usd
Chitin +7/12 helmet=10usd
PM offers!
Gold bar offers are deleted/ignored.</span>