This is my full UPDATED list items on Ares
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Becouse of limitation of this forum i cannot write here link to my webpage on which i sold items.
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FOR SELE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Product: Dark Vane +8
Product: Mirage Dagger +8
Product: Raptor +7 (+1 Rebirth)
Product: Iron Bow +7 (+1rebirth)
Product: Set Shels ROGUE +7 /12 dex (+1 rebirth)
Product: Set Shels WARRIOR +7 /12 str (+1 rebirth)
Product: Priest Chitin Shel Helmet +8
Product: Rogue Chitin helmet +8 (+5 rebirth)
Product: Warrior Chitin helmet +7 DD 15
Product: Rogue Chitin helmet +7 DD 15
Product: Chitin warrior pads +8(+5 rebirth) Defance 19 Ax

Product: Elf Belt
Product: Kekuri Ring +2
Product: Mage Earing
Product: Bronze Earing
Product: Priest Pendant +1
Product: Kekuri Ring +1
Product: Belt of Dexterity
Product: Silver Earring
Product: Priest Pendant
Product: Amulet Of Course +1