Hi all, i'm new to this forum but it's nice to see here many ig_friends or just well known people.
I would like to buy an archer, possibly 70+ naked. Then, if i'm not wrong there is a 70quest that let u gain a bow or the personal dagger..so if i'll buy a 70+ sin i am no more able to obtain the 70 quest bow. Can u confirm this? (lol i know i 'm noob..so plz don't be too bad :P).

Atm i'm not really experienced in prieces too..so...this is a price_check as topic says. From some previous post i have seen...i think it should be around 150.

P.s. 2. I can use only paypal..do u have any suggestion/advice about it? ( i mean..i saw many people saying.."no paypal..bla bla"..it seems like there are some problems using it or..what else?)

Ty 4 any replay and 4 support.