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PC/Buy ---Mage set paper +8/15 MP

This is a discussion on PC/Buy ---Mage set paper +8/15 MP within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; Hi, I am trying to get a mage set paper +8/15 MP but I am new to mage stuff and ...
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    Default PC/Buy ---Mage set paper +8/15 MP

    Hi, I am trying to get a mage set paper +8/15 MP but I am new to mage stuff and I don't know how much should I pay/offer for it.

    Could someone out there help this noobie =)


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    not to burst your bubble, but, why mp ^^ it shuold be hp, because your going to have 255mp if ure around 70+ so you will need the hp! ad as far as a set goes.. i wouldnt pay more then 30m a piece

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    30m a piece is right, but MP is useless in pk just so you know, the only MP that helps you in pk is the stat you get from levelling, not the bonus from your uniques and armor.

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    Put up a buying merch for 20m each pc, you will get them all in a day. If not, then go 25m for the remaining pcs on the second day.

    I would recommend you get two sets of paper armors - HP and MP.

    If you are leveling a mage solo, go for max MP on stats, armors, and accessories, get your town buffs, then head to the graveyard in El Morad or Karus. You will eventually get bored out of your mind doing it over and over and over and over again. Branch out and do Uruk Hai's, but not blades or trons until you can 1 hit them consistantly with a single Nova.

    Crystal Necklace is a must for HP bonus, preferably +2 or +3. Some people will debate on Crystal Rings vs old Flame Rings. I'll leave that alone. I know which I prefer.

    Be prepared to die a lot, from lack of attention to your buffs or just trying to kill something you aren't powerfull enough for. I could solo aoe a group of trolls at 64, but one wrong move and I was toast. Also, even with a lightning belt +2, blue dragon neck +3, wearing goblin armor pauld and pads you still can't solo AOE Apos or Deru's at lvl 66. Enjoy

    I highly recommend a wood +10 just for killing shit solo, and a lycaon +0 for MP recovery on your aoe spells.


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