Well it's time to leave the game. I played this game for more as 3 years now, I started in Immortal Souls with Wylana. But the game isn't fun anymore. Customer Support is the biggest scammer of all, K2 just cares about the money they receives, not the people who plays the game. This game changed so much and I will not pay for this shit anymore. So dear friends, hereby I am going to say 'Farewell' or meet you in the new game from EA, the following up from Red Alert, Yuri's Revenge, Renegade, Generals: TIBERIAN WAR !

Selling human archer LvL 71 80%. 535 k np


Shell Pauldron Rebirthed +2
Shell Pads Rebirthed +1
Shell Gaunlet's +1
Chitin boots Rebirthed +5
Chitin Helm Rebirthed +5
Dagger & Spear Helm FP +25
FP Gaunlet & Boots +5 with 20 spear defence

1 x Roque Earring
1 x Elf Metal Earring
Warrior pendant
Priest pendant (2 x)
Elf Belt
2 x ROL
Account had 2 sets Valkier Armor (ac & xp)

1 x Iron Bow +8
1 x Mirage Dagger +8
1 x Impact +7

and other things:

2 x warrior earring
2 x cleric earring
2 x rom
1 x elemental pendant
wizard staff +9
Lightning Belt
lupus, lycaon & lobo pendant
40 gb gold on it
Smite Hammer +6
Defender of the lord +7

and a lot more ...

Payment only western union (Euro/USD). You can make offers for 1 items of the whole bunch.

Pm me for offer