Hi im looking for a lvl70+ warrior to purchase for USD. Is yours for sale still? If so how much do you want for it? I can send you the money throiugh Western Union or Paypal. If there is another way you prefer just let me know how. I would like to use a moderator when and if you decide to sell me your account. My MSN is [email protected] You can reach me on MSN day or night. Thank you for your time.

im selling a level 74 warrior , human for usd, via wu no paypal what so ever


exceptional raptor +8/80

shell +8 pauldrin
+8 shell pad
+8 gault shell
+9 chitin boot
+8 chitin helmet
+8 undying set , over 10k hp with it on hehe

PE +1
WE +2
IN +1
IB +0
ROC +1

pm me the offers via pm forum and well talk about the deal, i can ethier sell at once or all together but i prefer all together so if u want one by one youll have to wait to see if i can sell all at once , thanks bye[/b]