I am leaving the game and have already sold all my items except for my shell set and the actual account itself. I personally upgraded all pieces of my shell set with exception to the pauldron which I bought in game from a well known / well respected priest. So the shell set is absolutely 100% legit.
USD Only. Western Union is the only accepted payment method.

Priest Shell Set +8.....$200
LVL 71 Priest.............$350

This account will be sold naked, except for the personal shield which is +7. As of the time of this posting there are 19 days left of gold premium and over 500k np. Several items in the inventory including scrolls, 2 sets of Valkyrie armor (one xp set and one hp set) and over 10gb in coin. Also included is 1500 KC at the PUS. Account also has a lvl 57 warrior and lvl 53 rouge. PM any questions or offers please. I will not sell this account for less than $350.

MSN: [email protected]