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S/T LvL 61 Mage + 57 Warrior

This is a discussion on S/T LvL 61 Mage + 57 Warrior within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; son of a bitch scammer he said give me your account with the IB+7 i will enter with my mage ...
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    son of a bitch scammer he said give me your account with the IB+7 i will enter with my mage account and i have more pc and i relog on your char lol you think im stupid?
    first i have gold prem seal all
    and you try to trade it for your account? so fucking retard

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    This is Virtmeister writing in response to seby666. I am probably old enough to be your Dad, and your accusations are childish as hell. I have known Hopper since I started playing this game, and I knew that he purchased KxCSolid from the dude you had a problem with -> ghagar16. I knew that Hopper did not have a problem with the transaction with this guy and told you through pm that Hopper was on vent and he told me he didn't have problems with ghagar16. YOU were the one who kept pm'ing me in game and asking me about this.

    For you to tarnish my name is uncalled for. I have not posted on here, nor been a member because I only come on here to check np's, and have never had to deal with someone that trys to change a story around to his own benefit.

    If you continue to slander me, I will contact KO personally and make sure this matter is taken care of. I have always helped all of my friends on KO and have NEVER scammed anyone, nor helped someone else scam a person. This game is to have fun, not to put up with garbage like this.

    Just because you are high level doesn't give you the right to come on here and flame people. I explained to you in pm in-game and told you I didn't know why you were putting me in the middle of all of this and you said "sorry man" so I figured you understood....and you are going to criticize me on someone else's actions and post me in ko forums as a scammer?!

    So, I want to know why your brother in a wheel-chair and this guy that scammed you has anything to do with me in the first place.

    Well, now get a life cuz I haven't scammed anyone and don't plan to in the future....and btw I am not from Turkey. I served in the U.S. Army. How bout you? What a joke...

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