chitin bow +3
lycaon pendant
3x tail of shaula
elixir staff +7
crimson armor +7/hp
crystal armor +8/hp
mirage sword +7
spell of impact
2x spell of thorn
absolute power scroll
spell of fire blast
spell of glacier blast
few pieces of warrior chit +7
few pieces of warrior fp +8
ss (scorpion shield) +3
2x iron impact +1/70 rb
2x diamond ring +0
wp +0
white dragon necklace +2 (looking to trade for a pp +2)

ALL FOR IGC (or trade them for rogue items listed below ---v)

rogue shell pads and pauldron +7/+1 rb
rogue chitin helmet,gaunts and boots +8/+5 rb (BUYING THRU PAYPAL)
shard +8 THRU PAYPAL and ...shard +7 or md +8 FOR IGC
decent rogue uniques, eg pp +1/+2, ROL +0 etc (BUYING THRU PAYPAL)

leave ur prices/offers here
or give me a pm
or add me on msn- [email protected]