Im selling a lvl 65 mage with near 50% and ~150k NPs (Orc side)

Complete Robe +7/+12 hp
Complete Boot +7/+12hp
Complete Glove +7/+12 hp
Complete Helmet +6/+10 hp
Crimson Goblin Pads
Salamander Staff +8/+64 Flame
Lycaon Pendant + 1
Crystal Helmet +6/+25 Dagger def.
Crystal Boots +5/+20 Spear def

all the scrolls a mage need (Thorn, Impact ...)
and some PUS scrolls and lot of various other things in Inn

and a lvl 61. 85 % Priest , 15 k+ NPs (also Orc side)
almost naked (crappy str gear and some various items in Inn)

Payment through paypal...
Selling just for cash, not for ingame coins, no use to ask...

offer me here or pm me