Like it says, selling a lvl 67 warrior on logos. I just lvled it today so its at like .13% XD. Um it does not have much on it (like 3000kc in pots and stuff in the bank (sw pots stuff like that)) it has valk just bought so its got like 6 months left. It has rappy +7 rb +1 and full +7 rb+1 str set and undy set. +7 rb+1 dagger defs helm and spear boots ^^. I am not looking for much I would like a mage or priest but if I must got for a rouge or warrior so be it. If its lower than 65 the lvl it must be fully equipped with some uniques its not easy to lvl (so f'in boring) Anyways pls leave offers here.

I DO NOT WANT A NAKED ACCOUNT! So if you don't want to give a higher lvl account away with items don't post pls. I will not accept a naked account!