Simply said... im selling my lvl 56 ardream mage character.... it comes with a premium thatís has as of 7/7/07 27 days and has speed pots total of 90. Lots of armours and etc from quest... it comes with 3 iron bows +6 with the current market go for 5gb-6gb so 1.7+gb along with 1.4gb in noah (cash) so u can say about 20gbs.. This game is getting quite boring to me im deciding to go back to Runescape . So if u'd like to discuss the price in private or make an offer. you may pm me on here ingame are 1 @ Sprinkster or even on AIM @ pplayanservice or my email @ [email protected] if I like the price I may be willing to open a wu account although I prefer paypal. As its provides safety on both ends. Im not expecting a lot of money but a decent amount.