Rogue human account :

Selling rogue lvl 71 64% with 420k Nps for Items in Ares.
the rogue have :
Personal dagger +6
2/3x shells +7 seal in inn
Kekury belt
2 quest jewels still active in NPC ( he have all quest jewels , but 2 didnt made yet )
Rogue paper set +8/15 hp set
Also on same char there is priest dlw lvl 56 and warrior lvl 57 , with all quest jewels!
Offer USD via WU or IGI!

C/O for rogue account is Glass belt + 10gb , waiting more few days since this guy in vacation

If you wanna buy rogue account , dont bother and tell me how much for naked , ill not buy gold premium just to unseal some items , if you want you have to buy the whole account.

Third account
Level 56 almost 57 priest with full quest jewels
Level 54 mage full quest jewels
Level 57 rogue full quest jewels.

IGC / IGI / USD via WU