tanto vale tu CORTAUŅAS +8??

ok man i offer 1 ceviche fount, 500 beers and 2 tickets for the cucardas hahahaha

UP for GG trader and good friend! [/b]

hahaha.. this guy is crazy hahaha...

asi vale mano, soi el unico con dual sherion +8 y legitimo aun pienso tenerlo para mi rogue pero si consigo la oferta q toi buscando la vendo no mas np .. ahora q toi mas en warrior y pronto mas en priest. :P

Right man, this sherion +8(+5rebirth) is awesome good bonus and looks super hot love it, is very hard for me letting go this sherion dagger but sure i will let go after i find the offer that im looking otherwise i will keep it on my sin lvl 57 ardream :P :P . trading for items or sell it for usd.

oh yeah .. i die in DS last night you were right undy and ac were gone i die in 4 hits not very good news after rezz 30 stones i lost 50% = to 1 hour exp ... getting back my % soon again.

p.s doomwarl. gifth me gbs plssss :lol: :lol: :lol: