Hey guys. i am new to this forum. But i am Trustworthy. we all gotta start our rep somewhere right?

I want to trade this wow account for a KO account.

The World of Warcraft account has a level 14 on it, which is just to hold the 2890 (roughly) Gold. You can start a new char or use the gold for your existing character. The account is active till February 5th, 2008 which is plenty of time for you to play!

i am looking for any race, any class lvl 61+, any server. I just want an account to start playing KO on, i leveled a rogue to 51 but i cant stand XPing with no money or gear it sux hardcore. Well if anyone is interested add me to MSN : [email protected] or email me.

I am a trustworthy person i promise you all, although i am new, i wish to build a good reputation with KO4LIFE forums and with all of you biggrin.gif

Ok i hope to speak to anyone soon biggrin.gif