During the next election, Phoenix Warlords is going to be nominating Ehlana. We ask that all people help support Ehlana to be the next Human king.

I wish the game wasn't so split between English speakers and Turkish speakers... but since it is, we ask that all English Speaking Clans please refrain from nominating within your own ranks, and please help get Ehlana elected as our next king.

We at Phoenix Warlords propose that if the Human English Speaking Clans all come together and help get Ehlana elected.... after Ehlana's Kingship term has expired, our clan will fully support the same process, and give our full support and backing to get another English Speaking Clan Leader elected as king.

Ehlana has said that this may very well be his last time running for King. So please guys... help us get a Great King, and we will support you next.

To all Turks, Please also help support Ehlana, he will be a great King and will not take money, but will instead use it for EXP event.

Thank You