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Bugging Isiloon

This is a discussion on Bugging Isiloon within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; :lol: at all the guys who complain :lol: u where pwned guys,u will be blocked and ur items deleted ^_^ ...
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    :lol: at all the guys who complain :lol:

    u where pwned guys,u will be blocked and ur items deleted ^_^

    ty Devile for making this game better :wub:

    and to the rest of the guys that jump on the gm and start crying:

    im sorry but sooner or later u had to be banned

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    I think people will start doing it the legit way, the day you re-up the drop rate, cuz atm, i prefer an attila or a bach, that i could solo, and might get a drop from, then an isiloon, that require 1 or 2 clan, many deaths, and drop 2 bus.

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    Originally posted by ::udontseme::
    See, This is why you guys get no help. A gm comes here and announce something and all those childish fags come and flame him here.
    Do you actually think he will come and eventually help you guys?

    He says Drops related to this monster will be searched and deleted.
    Didnt we want this? Yes we did. Now he says it will be done and they come here and say "WHY POST IT HERE ITS AN UN OFFICIAL FORUM OMG WTF BBQ" lets not forget that everyone posts here if they got a problem with KO and that some people here dont even visit the official forums and he just comes here to tell you guys here aswell. FFS!

    Peace out, Zaraki/Ryuujin.
    Sorry, but not everyone wants these drops to be deleted. There have been clans like New Order, who actually did it the legit way. We lvled to get our ppl to tank isiloon. Now this guy's gonna tell us he's gonna delete it, just 'cause of the stupid turks bugging it? I say, find the ppl who bugged it, and get them banned/stripped of items. Don't punish the ppl who actually worked their asses off to get this shit.

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    Originally posted by 0000000
    This tactic of banning players with items from bugging isiloon will not work. We all know K2 do not have the time or manpower to do this properly, and what is there to distinguish between a legitimate isiloon drop and a bugged one? Bannings do not work as a deterrent in KO simply because very few cheats are ever banned, and if they are, they are swiftly unbanned. *

    Isiloon should be removed until this bug is fixed, i think this is the only solution. I hope you find my criticism contructive.
    Only possible issue with this, what about other bugs? I 100% agree something needs to be done and that seems most practical, but with all the bugs/exploits in this game, you would half to remove half the game and half the players to "temporarily" fix them.

    Your thoughts?

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    U put all bugs in a list, u start giving priorities and u temporary remove the top priorities.

    Pretty simple, huh?

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