Im buying a lvl 60+ account on flyff It would be great if its on Lawolf

I dont really mind if its not rich

Well this is some info

Well the account has a lvl 66 warrior 59 mage 59 sin

It still got like 18 days bronze prem left

Lvl 66 warrior Named _T_ank_R_

Item List:
Full shell set +1/12 str rebirth (Sealed)
Raptor +1/70 rebirth (Sealed)
well the uniques are still quest items

Lvl 59 mage Named :::Mag_Fire::: Build: Full mp Fire/ice
Full set Mage cotton robe +8/15 hp (Sealed)
Wood staff +9/72 fire (Sealed)
Christmas cross
Christmass belt
and 2x mage earing/ring from quest
Got all the scrolls for skills

Lvl 59 sin named Binkzz


Well for the bank:

some buss,scrolls,enchants,Some +8 items,Pots,kerkuri ring

Well if your interessed Leave a Msg here with the info you got

I only trade with people that have good rep around here