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How scam people

This is a discussion on How scam people within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hey guys look at this converation: HTML Code: rachel 05-19 05:26:18 hi welcome to our live chat,what can i do ...
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    Exclamation How scam people

    Hey guys look at this converation:

    HTML Code:
    rachel 05-19 05:26:18
    hi   welcome to our live chat,what can i do for u ?^^
    You 05-19 05:26:22
    hello rachel
    You 05-19 05:26:31
    can you check please my order G*************** ?
    rachel 05-19 05:26:43
    hold on pls, checking  now
    rachel 05-19 05:45:34
    sir ,now the gols price is up
    rachel 05-19 05:45:46
    so need the  gold price down
    rachel 05-19 05:45:52
    can you wait some day again ?
    rachel 05-19 05:46:03
    your payment  have not  got the gold now ,need wait some day
    You 05-19 05:46:21
    rachel 05-19 05:46:47
    when the price down ,i will call you
    You 05-19 05:47:22
    you kidding me? i paid you 35+ ~dolars
    You 05-19 05:47:33
    and i want this gold for that cach now
    You 05-19 05:47:54
    i wont wait longer
    rachel 05-19 05:47:57
    yes ,but your game gold is expensive
    You 05-19 05:48:21
    its not my problem, you should sell it for higher price, isnt it?
    rachel 05-19 05:48:39
    if you can not  agree it ,i will refund ypu
    rachel 05-19 05:48:39
    rachel 05-19 05:49:11
    yout payment  Can't afford  the gold  now
    rachel 05-19 05:49:11
    so sorry
    rachel 05-19 05:49:25
    i will refund you money
    You 05-19 05:49:47
    ok refund me money !
    You 05-19 05:49:52
    damn it
    rachel 05-19 05:50:01
    ok,  i will  apply   refund  for u ,  but it will need some hours ,  u can  check   ur paypal  account  later .ok?
    You 05-19 05:50:32
    I will comment to whole forums about this transaction
    You 05-19 05:50:47
    I wont let you scam people like me
    You 05-19 05:51:22
    damn cheaters
    You 05-19 05:51:29
    can I speak with your boss?
    rachel 05-19 05:52:43
    We cannot do lose business
    You 05-19 05:53:20
    Its not my fault that you were collecting this crap gold by whole 2 weeks and prices changed
    rachel 05-19 05:54:13
    i want give you gold ,but  the price is so high  recently
    You 05-19 05:55:52
    ok, I see I will not get mine gold (sorry yours)
    You 05-19 05:56:16
    I'm gonna post this conversation to whole knight online forums I know
    You 05-19 05:56:24
    Gonna do it now
    You 05-19 05:56:27
    bye bye

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    That's nice.

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    Your own fault for buying GB's from a gold farmer, go and earn it like you are supposed to. At least you got a refund.

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    Yea but I spent 2 weeks for many converstions on char with operators


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