Knight kingdom is a new upcoming 18xx server,

18xx is the current version USKO is using, so everything that works in USKO will work here, there was/is alot of bugs with the 18xx files, nothing was working, so i begin work with 18xx server files to get the features on it working and it has been successful alot of things that didnt work now do.

Work has still not been completed, it will take at least another month or so before it gets released, iam simply just posting this here to let you all know whats being worked on, my aim is to get all the features for 18xx currently working.

heres a few pics of whats currently working -

Buying merchant working

Ronark land ladder point

Wing, Pathos gloves, Valk armor working, Expiration working and as you also see seal item working.

Preview upgrading

Upgrade success

Compound preview upgrade

Compound success

skills working

Teleport gates working

New lunar war Teleport gate

I know many of you will be asking when its being released, it will be released for a beta soon there is no timeframe to when it will be up and running i would give a time but this work is not predictable.

You can go to the Knight Kingdoms temporary forums hereKnight Kingdom