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Knightonline dead? where are all?

This is a discussion on Knightonline dead? where are all? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by razor USKO is all about europa atm, every other server, as usual, retain their respective perks. Resurrection ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by razor View Post
    USKO is all about europa atm, every other server, as usual, retain their respective perks.

    Resurrection or whatever other server that has old Ares in it: Good activity, low prices, everyone has shiny.
    Anatolia aka old c-west: Dead as fuck, incredibly overpriced, shiny but low skill level.
    Newest servers aka asgard titan destan or whatever name they go by: Most active, but also most hackers.

    "US"KO is dead and has been dead for a long while. Now it has EUKO merged into it, but that seems to be its only redeeming factor.
    yes i agree

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    You can see the death stalking even this forum... ko4life used to be superactive, now you can see on the same page topics with the newest replies together with topics that got last reply 10 days ago. Five and more years ago something unheard of. I came here today just out of curiosity. Btw, I remember your nick and also the NexT clan
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    Quote Originally Posted by WSxMagicians View Post
    youll have the private server guys who are butthurt and havent logged usko in years telling you its dead, butin reality its about 50v50 at peak times in Europa cz, and the same for ardream
    Lmao, after playing privates for years and then buying a char on europa I can tell you 100% that USKO is not even 1/10th as active as most good private servers. Unfortunately there no good private servers out right now, so USKO is your only option, and from all the servers Europa is the only option if you actually want to have fun, Anatolia is dead AF and people are begging for a merge again already.

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    Dead gayme.

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    well im in gaia and the pk its good, didnt found lots of people with +9s +3s, its active and all the people at pk didnt got krowaz, some rosetta, some mythril, i think its balanced in my opinion :P i will continue testing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by unitedko View Post
    there's only private servers, guys maybe try play in a server im gm there and need active and new players
    United KO / Free2Play !
    United PVP
    btw its lvl 83 and farm for get items
    beware, the client is packed with viruses

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