Hey fellas, sorry if its spam (mods feel free to delete, sorry if I broke some rules, I just got hit by a nostalgia bullet and I'm trying to see if I can find some ppl )

Any1 here from Edana server on USKO (? I think) from like 2006. - 2010. (I think hh)?
Find clan RealMenPKNaked familiar? Do you remember players such as AymanZTank (best dude ever ), Chili, ZyX, Trgovac, EatMe, Duffman, QueenOfAlexandria(not sure if I'm correct on full char name), Schrotti, DeRogichEvil or some1 else? Or are you maybe one of them hh

Sorry if its spam but I got hit by nostalgia and just wanna see if some1 from that clan is still active or some1 knows some1 hh

Cheers from Duffman