I'm running out of time to play Usko, due to college work!
I was thinking of making a char or RLB or Andrean in Kronos to pass time and kill even miss once in a while, but as I am Carnac West, do not know many people in Kronos, and I would like to know which is the pk in DCZ or RLB. Just to make sure my attitude before it performs!
If possible, I would like someone who plays in Kronos, answer me, if it is worth creating a char on Kronos, or not. Such that the movement of KXP? This balanced the server, both human and orc? Pk has ever? War is full?

Carnac West I already know, but I've been searching, and if I do DCZ char or RLB, prices of uniques in Kronos are 3x more cheap than in CW.

Please, anyone who can answer me as fast as possible

Ty guys, have nice day!