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My GoodBye (like you care right? :p)

This is a discussion on My GoodBye (like you care right? :p) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; dont move this :P everyones pointed this out time and time again but im going to make a final statment ...
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    Default My GoodBye (like you care right? :p)

    dont move this :P
    everyones pointed this out time and time again but im going to make a final statment before im done with this game for good

    K2 could have made 10 times the amount of money they did, if they put effort into this marvelous game. The friends are great and the game always gives you something to talk and laugh about. The only thing that kept me coming back is to have those friends to laugh with when I was bored. If K2 worked on their game in the beginning, every server would have been like Dies without the turks. Thousands of english players, (would have been paying premium), and tons of friends and tons of forum flame abought funny shit. Im gonna miss the friends I met, especially at the beginning of Edana, that was probably the funnest time. Leeeroy, MeowMix, HerosOfHollywood, Catasthrophe, DarkForces were all the most active and most reckognized clans. For the friends I met, I appreciate the fun we had sense I cant say thanks for the items :s. Blah, good to see you doing good.

    Players I started out with
    Fear, Sickness, Jay, NightBreed, Accurate, Sapphire, MrsNight, Blizzard, MrBlah, ShitzNGigglez, Leeeroy, and about 50 other english speeking players, 009, Icantcombo, Queen

    Players still playing?
    Blizzard, MrBlah, Me, 009, Icantcombo, Queen and about 5 other english speaking players

    Its like the commercials you see on tv where crowds of people dissapear one by one all because of one reason. I'd like to tank K2 for having this game in the beginning, I wish found it sooner, I would have stayed on dies with my rouge (lvl 50 ftw) and probably met up with all the other of players and had just of good as a time, but it would have lasted longer. Thats all alot of players play for now, I tried to live in the past and pretend all those good legit english speaking players were still competing against us. But now that they all left its us against koxp and turks.

    In the beginning, the true superiority of teamwork was shown on Edana. Only 4 English speaking clans started out in the top, and those 4 happend to be the first 4 on the server, then they left and now its all turks. The clan 4Sul4ns or w/e..

    Im sure none of you care but thats how I feel, feel free to post your comments, no flames.

    btw thats my GoodBye

    <3 you blizz have fun with the shell and other good shit
    <3 you blah glad you got your 70 rouge you wanted
    <3 you red dont even know if you got 70 i havnt spoken to you in over 2 months and i dont know why
    <3 you miles always a dam hard player and a hard worker in life i hope you get lucky soon in this game
    <3 you buffjoo / kore grats on +8 dotl, i know all you wanted was a leet item and you got it man, we never finished our lvl competition either thx to k2, and we both kinda quit at the same time
    <3 you Jay, you gay you.. grats on 70 again even though your leaving as well
    <3 NightBreed taught me some of the most important basics
    <3 Fear for doubting me and lieng to me about our 1v1 with your uniques on and pushing me to be a better warrior and have the best combo
    <3 Sickness you didnt do much but talk about getting laid, arent you still a virgin?
    <3 MrsNight gonna miss your healing
    <3 Zanin definatly not least, you redneck son of a bitch you, i know you quit and no one knows why but a few of us, i wish you would have said good bye man, it was so much dam fun with you, always joking around and i dont see how you racked up 250k nps in 2 months of making that rouge.. it was dam incredible, you had big things coming for you but real life stepped in as it did for all of us
    <3 MrsZ didnt get to play with you much but it was funny making fun of Z when he was facedown
    <3 Accurate / Sapphire for raiding our xp parties and giving us something to do in the beginning
    <3 MeowMix / HerosOfHollyWood may the good times roll for those of you still playing
    <3 Leeeroy haha good warrior and fun player

    <3 Stylez!! i know you probably dont like me right now, but you were probably the funnest person to do a 2 man SQ with when we were in chitin lol, the funniest dam peruvian ive met, the only one that wanted to be turkish but american at heart
    and if we died it was our fault because you massived it right? haha dam good times and good farming with you

    the last thing i will do on this game will come out later, planning it to be the best movie Edana has seen with the old school clans vs the oldest school clans and staring the warrior Unforgivable as me

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