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Questions To K2

This is a discussion on Questions To K2 within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; festo u forgot Turkce tercumeler icin kanalina girebilirsiniz cannot beileve there gunna do that...
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    festo u forgot Turkce tercumeler icin kanalina girebilirsiniz

    cannot beileve there gunna do that

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    Originally posted by VOKER
    first of all the turks can play you dont need to close their ip thats soo bad i think u shoulkd make a server for them...

    and pls why this game is *free to play but pay to connect????? <_<
    Nobody will close turk ip or make turk server.(good)

    How are you going to punish quest abusers?
    Duplicating B.U.S and stackable items should not be possibke and it is, what are you going to do about this problem?
    Macro problem in exp and abyss is not fair for legitamate players, is k2 going to do major research how to disable macro (koxp,kosp)?

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    1. When Knight rankings and clan rankings will be ready again? and why is not possible to post them?

    2. How is possible in a "serious" company like K2 (muahahaha) exist koxp, and why players of edana suffered 1 whole month with koxpers stolen his nps and lvling to 70 without any gm walking around cz?

    3. If its freetoplay why no premium users cant log in server1,2 or 3 during 90% of time? thats not a freetoplay exactly... check other games.

    4. Why kunt have lvl 80 and 200 maners? lol, check yourself manners etc...

    5. K2 supportes and gms must install this game, play it, check his billions of bugs, cheaters and then they will know how legit players feel like... exactly we feel like stupids, but remember u pay for this
    (u cant play to lvl 60, or 70 or try to pk or boss without premium if u get dc every time, or u cant join game when u want)

    Then freetoplay= impossible; freetobenob lvl20 maybe, but no more.

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