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Questions for the Producer!

This is a discussion on Questions for the Producer! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Lol Why don't you sell the game to Blizzard! Because we want the PvP to actually be fun. Rofl....
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    Why don't you sell the game to Blizzard! Because we want the PvP to actually be fun.

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    wow insane answers

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    "Your old pal Linus is working with them to make their responses, as he puts it, "less lame."
    "Why don't you sell the game to Blizzard! Because we want the PvP to actually be fun."

    haha rofl

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    Typical offical ko forum crap.

    I fucking hate the idiot kids on the officals at time. Bunch of wet limp writed muppets.

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    Agreed.. so much hostility

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    I found many of the answers very interesting. For instance on KOKO, you need to give them your SSN before you sign up so if you start hacking, scamming, etc, they know exactly who you are.

    Now, for many of you, you might not understand what that means. But remember N. Korea is a militant right wing country, you mess with business and government (the people who run and make money for the country itself) and you get punished. When I say punished, I am not talking about slapped on the wrist or made to go to classes on morality. You are talking about a country where thieves are beaten and tortured, a country where its citizens go missing for speaking out against it's government.

    Some of you cocksucking thieves scamming from your rooms at your mom's house while your stuffing your pumpkins full of doritos should think about this and appreciate your freedoms a little more.

    Good stuff...

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    He has some good answers. Their starting to actually become a bit like Blizzard. They implemented the Premiums in a package of months for a discount, now their talking about implementing a way to get ahold of a GM straight away ingame, which WoW has by submitting a ticket in the game.

    If they follow through on that, that would be nice. As for the expansion, seems to have some really cool features, and some new stuff to do.

    Also as Felix said if some of the people whining about the game on that forum are on here reading, how about asking some intelligent questions instead of whining about how you got hacked and all that other crap people were posting. Their making an EFFORT to get the communities OPINION, yet people still complain. Whether they take the opinions into account, is another story.

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    Typical offical ko forum crap.

    I fucking hate the idiot kids on the officals at time. Bunch of wet limp writed muppets.[/b]
    cudnt agree wif u more

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    turning ur enemies into cocroaches and making them tiny is gayyyyyy!!
    kiddish imo

    but the 70minus zone sounds fun, will encourage a lot of 59s to go 70

    till now if u went 60+,being 70(or 69 for that matter) wasnt that difficult (cause of bdw ),
    but the thing was even at that lvl ud still get owned by 75+s

    so if u went 60+, next stop 75 :P (atleast),that wont be the case now and a lot of dczs will be lured into going 69

    hehe and no more lvl 80s raiding DKs (wiping out 3-4 poor lvl 65ish before they knew what hit em )
    lvls 60-70 having the prospect of xping in a place where lvl 80s pk always sounded iffy

    cz will become more competitive now and lvl 60-69 will have a zone to pk in with their own lvls (apart from bdw )

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    turning ur enemies into cocroaches and making them tiny is gayyyyyy!!
    kiddish imo

    but the 70minus zone sounds fun, will encourage a lot of 59s to go 70

    till now if u went 60+,being 70(or 69 for that matter) wasnt that difficult (cause of bdw ),
    but the thing was even at that lvl ud still get owned by 75+s

    so if u went 60+, next stop 75 :P (atleast),that wont be the case now and a lot of dczs will be lured into going 69

    hehe and no more lvl 80s raiding DKs (wiping out 3-4 poor lvl 65ish before they knew what hit em )
    lvls 60-70 having the prospect of xping in a place where lvl 80s pk always sounded iffy

    cz will become more competitive now and lvl 60-69 will have a zone to pk in with their own lvls (apart from bdw )[/b]

    I agree there but what happens if you turn someone tiny and then they turn around and pwn you...that'll be kind of funny...maybe.

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    Typical offical ko forum crap.

    I fucking hate the idiot kids on the officals at time. Bunch of wet limp writed muppets.[/b]
    Watch your words on the muppet thing pls

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    someone hinted me that with the expansion charecters will be able to be trasnferred to others servers... i really doubt it but u think it could be true?

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    He just answered a lot more questions:

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    Can some1 paste those new answers here?

    Official forum don't work for me

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    There we go:

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(The Castellan)</div>
    Level 83 cap which is good but why stop at 83 why not just make it an even 90 level cap?

    This is just what the developer decided to go with. My best estimation is that they know it&#39;s incredibly tough to get 83 and don&#39;t want to bog people down with leveling too much in one expansion, while still giving you the option of advancing and earning more skills.

    Bifrost items will be deleted with the new patch?

    We don&#39;t have any plans to do this.

    When is the new expansion coming out?

    We&#39;re aiming for the end of October.

    Linus and some other people talked about a "comprehensive fix for speed and wall hacking", which has been under development for 6 months, when is that coming out?

    We&#39;re transitioning into it right now, actually. Expect a full release very, very soon.

    Are the well known bugs (mailing items, pets not working for every player, Captain Cougar, NP medals, rental system) ever going to be fixed?

    Captain Cougar will return with the expansion. As for the others, they&#39;re definitely on our plate, but some of them may stay disabled because their absence offers better game balance than their presence.

    Will Moradon and El Morad/Karus have changes to prevent or discourage gold farming?

    All the changes we make to target gold farmers specifically aren&#39;t relegated to a specific zone, and will be enacted in the whole game.

    Will we have a Test Server as KOKO does?

    It&#39;s not likely.

    Will Bifrost become a disperse thing (the drops scattered among various special monsters, like in KOKO) or will we get the event format back?

    Bifrost will be returning just as it was before, albeit with perhaps a minor tweak or two to solve the problems that led to its being disabled.

    Why does mgame work on this game so slowly? If they don&#39;t have enough developers, why don&#39;t they hire more as a higher quality game (with less bugs, less possibility to cheat and more frequent gameplay updates) results in a higher income. Do they listen to our feedback at all?

    Of course they do. The only real barrier is getting everything translated and proved out to them. Just because the community says "There&#39;s a problem!" doesn&#39;t mean we can immediately turn around and tell Mgame the problem. We need to test it on our end, break it down into steps, translate it, and send it across. They then have to recreate it, identify, design, and implement a solution, then send it back.

    Will anything be done to illegal items, such as shell boots +10 with dagger def, "rare" weapon defence armors in newer servers, one priest cap which has 3 different weapon defences, and the numerous +9 items that were sent from Hellsgarem to other servers via letter bug?

    Yes. I know the community has eagle eyes and is checking up on these people every day and showing them to people, but when we take actions on these we don&#39;t always publicize them. I have the GMs spend some time checking out suspect people and investigating their items. This has been going on since before KingofKnight launched their newer sections showing the items players have, and will continue to, along with all the other investigations that we perform in the background.

    Will there be any news on when the archer disconnect issue in certain zones and areas will be resolved?

    Yes, there will be news, when it&#39;s fixed.

    Can the game raise the exp from mob to help level faster?

    Probably not. May I direct your attention to the Power Up Store laugh.gif

    Can we have a PK zone for under 70 (50 - 69)?

    Yes. Ronark Land Base, coming in the expansion, will be this zone. The levels will be slightly different though.

    Isiloons beeing killed by 3rd party users will something be done about that? have GMs check the abyss dungeon/dragon cave more often?

    This is something about which I intend to be very proactive. I actually cheer out loud when I watch a GM ban a swarm of farmers just before they can kill Isiloon. Ditto for Felankor.

    Will character delete option be back at all?

    I wouldn&#39;t count on it. Maybe, maybe if we can definitively put an end to accounts being compromised because of hacking. But as long as there are players sharing accounts, people will have their characters deleted by angry former friends, clannies, or whatever.

    Will you guys be adding the event that gives 20m exp for 70+?

    We&#39;re always open to new events. You&#39;ll just have to keep an eye out for what&#39;s coming down the pipe.

    Will you be adding the knight medals that we can turn in for the next lvl of armor?
    Will you guys ever get more GM&#39;s in-game that players can contact?

    I already answered this wink.gif Yes, we&#39;re adding at minimum 8 more right now.

    Can you guys have the Gms or someone pick players to become GMH (GM Helper)

    No, unfortunately. They tried something like this a while ago and it didn&#39;t pan out too well; I don&#39;t think it will be making a return.

    When new server?

    If we have a new server coming, we&#39;ll make sure to announce it.

    Will this game will always be full of hacker like now and like it was since 3 years?

    One day it will be a magnificent, hacker free Utopia.

    Why mage skills always look the same? (fire thorn, impact, incineration) (nova, meteor fall) have same animation

    That&#39;s just how the developer designed it, my friend. It&#39;s something we could always request to have changed, but as you can tell from the bulk of these questions there are probably a few issues the community would rather we addressed first.

    Why not make rollback to player that got scammed / owned by bug abuser (with investigation of course, but REAL investigation)

    This is a touchy situation. When you get scammed, the scammer immediately turns around and sells off your items. Now there&#39;s a handful of legit people in the marketplace that have bought your items. So when trying to help you out, do we dupe all of your items and leave those ones on all those other players? Or do we remove it from all of them, now punishing them because of something that happened to you? Instead of the problem being localized on one player, it then spreads to many others. In the end it comes down to responsibility and account security; we will always try to do what we can, but when something that is just your problem becomes a problem for many other players, we have to limited how we respond to it.

    Think of it this way: If it was currently our policy to perform rollbacks on your character if you got scammed, how would you feel if you were one of the players who legitimately purchased something in the marketplace not knowing it came from a scam? Instead of asking me this question, you would be asking "How come I have to lose my items just because some other player didn&#39;t keep his account secure?"

    If we didn&#39;t take the items from the players who ended up with them, then this would be a surefire way to scam K2 by pretending to have been hacked, losing all your items, and being rolled back to when you had them.

    What you gonna do about babashopper that ruin your game?

    We don&#39;t support buying items outside of the game. It harms the game&#39;s balance; the Power Up Store is designed specifically to do just that, give you a Power Up.

    Will you finally change X-trap for a better anti-hack program?

    We&#39;re doing that right now.

    What will you make to keep old player and to improve their KO experience?

    A new expansion?

    Will the TOS be applied correctly? (many ss send to CS and no ban )

    Many people send screenshots incorrectly. Not that long ago a player who visited these forums was banned because of an incorrectly submitted KSC. It&#39;s a touchy subject, but as long as you do it correctly we can take the appropriate actions. We need to be able to see the character name clearly, the evidence of cheating clearly, and the SERVER clearly.

    What are the plans against the players that quit? meaning that servers are getting empty a little which im sure is not what you guys want.

    The new expansion, the return of Bifrost, new GMs, the events we have planned for the upcoming holidays, something special that will happen in the Power Up Store soon (don&#39;t worry, it&#39;s a good thing), and Campaigns (coming soon!).

    A lot of bugs that arent that big of a problem but are easy to fix like the text at the skills and ts spawn bug, are they getting any attention?

    Yes, with the expansion.

    How soon can we expect the ability to buy trina&#39;s, tears and char seal scroll with cc or cb

    I want to return these to being able to be purchased with G1 credits again soon. At the very least, they should be purchasable with credit card very soon.

    Will there be a gobble event with thanksgiving? (plz)


    A lot of players have very good gear in compare to the regular player. are you guys happy about that? Just asking opinion.

    We&#39;re happy they&#39;re playing the game and getting good stuff, sure. It&#39;s always nice to be on the receiving end of a drop you&#39;ve waited for forever and to be able to put it on and show it off to everyone. In MMOs, however, there is always that parity between the super hardcore, the dedicated, and the casual. I myself fall into the "dedicated" category and as such, my gear usually isn&#39;t that great. I live with it. I think it&#39;s something to aspire to, and I feel a lot more satisfaction when I get something cool.

    When will you be able to do the select character ingame again so you don&#39;t need to quit game first

    This, like character delete, will probably not be making a return.

    Could you give us any information about next patches or expansions?

    Ronark Land is a lot bigger, and some the monsters have changed. It&#39;s also going to include these cool things called "Mission Quests," basically, in the center there is a monument, and in order for your nation to complete their mission quests you have to own this monument. When you do, it spawns monsters your side needs to complete its quests. So even while you&#39;re doing this PvE work, you have to PvP to defend it and make sure the other team doesn&#39;t take it over.

    About receiving customer support. Why do you only function per ticket submitted? Why no hot-line? Live Chat? Customer Support section on the forums? (Replying to one thread instead of 100 tickets would go way faster). And the forum could be made that the user post his new customer support inquery topic but can&#39;t be seen except by a selected group made by the admin. If you want to know how this works, I could give you a certain pointers as I am an Admin of a forum myself so I know how). Just take Ko4life with it&#39;s resolution problem center section for example. That&#39;s a good example of how it works

    There are a lot of good changes coming soon to how you interact with CS and GM staff. I can&#39;t detail them myself here, but you will notice them.

    Last time you answered questons, I asked a question about implementing an In game GM reporting ticket. (A new window would open that you could put hour, location, player, details, ......Then the Game masters could view them and choose to act accordingly instead of passing through customer support first to know who got reported for what). You never answered. Could I have an answer this year please?

    This is something we&#39;re actively working toward. We aim to develop the API in house and submit it to the developer for implementation into the game, and have this work across all GamersFirst branded games.

    What improvements are being made to insure accounts are safe, many peoples accounts have been hacked through no fault of their own, and I think its wrong to make people pay extra to "lock" you items.

    We have a tools developer working on some crazy stuff in this area. Not all of it will see the light of day, but just to give you an example he&#39;s working on randomly generated codes that get sent to your cell phone that you have to put in when you&#39;re logging in, on screen keypads that make it so keyloggers can&#39;t pick up on your passwords, and captcha type images.

    Why illegal items like +10 shell with 45 dd on it still exist and all other kinda items!
    Can we have ke back? maybe a ke server that would be nice before g1, when k2 was new to ko, that ke

    We&#39;re dedicated to fixing things going forwards, not backwards. There wouldn&#39;t be a point to releasing all these expansions if we were just going to go back to Knight Empire.

    When K2 will fix the catapult bug in CSW ?

    These types of game fixes are coming soon. Definitely keep your eye on the expansion.

    Can we have new prems options or reduced loss on death over level 80.

    You mean like the 60% Re-spawn scroll?

    Will there be a guaranteed Unique drop for Ultima (I assume you guys fixed the Bifrost issue with KOXPers)? This is the hardest boss in game and we get some items that easily acquire from regular monster instead of Unique

    No changes have been made to the loot tables, so probably not.

    Will Ultima Necklace put in use in the future and fully translate to English? From various boss events, players got these Ultima Necklace but unable to use it due to the unclear description of the Item/effect.

    It already is translated to English, and it does what it says. You may not want that 5% boost to PvP damage and opt for another necklace, but it&#39;s a fairly common drop and not that special of an item.

    Will there be a Level restriction to enter Dragon&#39;s Cave? This would decrease some KOXPers.

    You may start seeing things like this. There will be, for instance, a level restriction on Bifrost.

    Will there be Monters in Colony Zone that worth to gain Experience points: Dark Stone/Troll Captain or new monters that give decent EXP? Currently Colony Zone is stricly for PVP/PKing, but many of us love the old way of Colony Zone that we can gain good EXP from monters and PKing.


    Will there be any hope for old accounts with non-alphanumerical ascii characters in username? People with such characters can not login at KO web site

    This is a known issue, and something the G1 team is working on to resolve.

    Incorrect translation of skills and quest makes KO loses many new players. When will that be fixed?

    With the expansion.

    I have a suggestion

    seeing at Knight online takes so long to download many people don&#39;t have access to this wonderful game.

    I would like to suggest you sending free dvds or cds to those who want one. free of charge. sort of like linux when they send u free cds of their operating systems. regardless where u r in the world.

    That&#39;s a good idea. We do have CDs with all of our games on them.

    Can you address the issue about KOXPers/Gold Farmer?

    They&#39;re bad guys, we don&#39;t like them. They&#39;re like barnacles. If you knew how much time and energy we spent daily trying to scrape them off of our game you&#39;d be even more mad at them than you are now.

    Will Letter be Enabled in the expansion or will a new type of lettering service be introduced?.

    Not planning on anything like this at the time.

    If I want to be a GM what I must do?

    Be polite, professional, able to work 40 hours a week, and live in or near Irvine, CA.

    Will Chitin Shields drop once again from Isiloon and Lesath at a greater chance like the old days? (Since new items are coming out, it&#39;d be nice if it was re-enabled)

    I don&#39;t think you&#39;ll be seeing the drop rate on these increase.

    Will Ring of the Felankors drop once again? (Once again, new items = let old items exist freely)

    We certainly hope so.

    Will we have Premium Vouchers which allows FREE2PLAY players to acquire premium for in-game coin?

    Probably not. I can think of about a million ways to abuse this right off the bat, and I&#39;m sure dedicated cheaters and hackers can do the same.

    Hey K2 Producer, I was wondering if you will ever implement a feature to De-Link a gamers first account from your Knight Online account, once you go back to Knight cash on November 1st?

    If a de-linking process were ever implemented, it would only be in the case of taking it away from one G1 account and applying it to another G1 account. GamersFirst is our brand, and there are going to be a lot of great things taking advantage of that brand soon.

    any measures are planned to stop np transfers? this has become a common normal method of putting clans in top lists. how about bringing respawn refresh time in cz? or activating an auto ban filter that will monitor a player killing another x times in y minutes..

    Yeah, but I can&#39;t talk about them because I don&#39;t want them to know tongue.gif

    does the new expansion include serious measures to stop TBL editing for good ?

    Why yes, yes it does.
    how about fixing stuff like, a person cant add me buddy unless i allow. i can block pm to xx- lvl people, or limit who can pm me to clan and buddy list etc. coz we really have no privacy out there, and its often annoying to receive 999pms a day.

    I frankly hate getting random PMs. I&#39;d like to implement a toggle that will allow you to get a PM only from someone in your clan on on your buddy list.

    can we ever change a clan assistant without having to kick them from clan

    This isn&#39;t the most ideal solution, I know, but other priorities have our attention for the time being.

    will ko support more image extensions that can be used as symbols?

    This is not likely.

    will the paint colors in cape npc will be fixed? coz now you cant almost get any decent color from it.

    I don&#39;t foresee any changes to this.

    will skill animations ever be improved, so we will actually know if a person in the party is using 70lvl skill or 60 or 57?

    Maybe. There aren&#39;t currently any plans for it however.

    better future designs for coming weapons? late comer spear of murky waters look like a fishing pole with an umbrella sticked to end, dread shield is bigger than most characters, stone splitter is twice the size of a priest etc etc..

    There probably won&#39;t be any changes to weapon models.

    how about bringing a chat filter to game in Turkish ? i cant even type my clans name thetitans, yet people can use the most horribly possible offensive language in game in the most common language of the game..

    We do want to have certain changes made to the word filter. It&#39;s not really a main priority though.

    Rather than fighting with account sharing, which has become almost a part of KOL gameplay experience, why not adapt to it and utilize it for better income. multiple passwords per account, where 1 will be admin pass, and the other(s) will have game access, but no trading or server will block it if the character dies x times in y minutes. protect the customer, and help more players get accustomed to KOL.. doesnt sound so bad i guess

    The Character Seal Scroll was a step in this direction. We understand that people are going to do it anyway, and we&#39;d like to limit the amount of havoc a person can wreak, but it&#39;s a slow process. It is something the aforementioned tool developers have looked at and I won&#39;t completely rule it out, but there are a lot of obstacles to getting something like this implemented. If we ever did allow account sharing, we would also need to be prepared to support it, and we&#39;re definitely not ready for that. I&#39;ve performed investigations before; one case of hacking can take multiple 8 hour days to get to every nook and cranny. Mgame is very protective of Knight Online as well. Because they don&#39;t always experience the same issues as us, they may never been in favor of adding such a thing to the game.

    How about seal/unseal password requirement do disband a clan?

    That&#39;s a good idea. I&#39;ll have one of the Community Liaisons suggest it smile.gif

    Will other payment options be available, such as MoneyBookers or PayPal

    Paypal will be available soon, through Playspan. Their store opens October 6th.

    That wraps it up for this time around! Thanks to everyone for participating, and particularly to those who asked poignant, well-thought out questions. Knight Online has a bunch of great things coming soon and I&#39;m glad you&#39;re all here to help us enjoy them, not the least of which is the expansion. Look forward to more information coming through about it as we lead up to its release.[/b]

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