Earth and Seas fairy lvl 66

golden husky lvl 13 with hp up

bound lucky bag 30days, large emerald

equip: willow battle dress +5 blue int/cs

willow belt +3 blue int/cs

willow cuff +4 blue int/cs

willow armguard +6 blue int/cs

willow kneepad +3 blue int/cs

willow boots +4 blue int/cs and vit/dodge

Fog Amulet blue - 3% hp

2x all stars rings of elephant

weapons - thunder sound wheel lvl 66 +4 blue (int)

snow soul pearl lvl 66 +3 blue (int)

assist talismans - treasure leaf lvl 66 blue dual stat

purple cloud lvl 56

wonder needle lvl 66

purple cowry lvl 58

and some items in warehouse man and in inventory.

i accept items on akara or usd pm me or leave offer here thx. who interesting i can show screenshot.