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server transfer ?

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    Everything is possible if you have enough money!... sadly

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    It can be done whats is hard about it is you need the Technical Producer and the Assistant Producer to do it, it is basically a copy and paste thing when they finally get around to it. When I did it the head gm had to have the approval of the Tech and Assist producers to do the proccess. What they did make me do was have the exact same named characters on Pathos as was on Bera so there was some name changing of my sub characters involved, I remember going through like 6 name change scrolls to finally get all three of my characters main and sub ones matched up. It can be done but it is very hard to accomplish. And of course once the transfer was done it was bugged a bit my main was orc the two subs were human.

    How they determine anything for assistance in game is look at how much you have spent on the game, the more you spend the more chance of service you can get, if you have spent alot than chance are you may pull it off, if you have spent little or no money on the game you wont get anywere. The more you spend the more attention they will give you. I was a $1000+ a year dude on kc and prem for 3 years prior to the transfer that was the only reason they did it, they like to keep the people that spend the most on the game happy, I am so glad I quit .

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