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T>Logos items/coins for Diablo2 items :P

This is a discussion on T>Logos items/coins for Diablo2 items :P within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Old skool FTW ^^ Its' a long shot,but someone might have D2 Europe Ladder items. If so offer away and ...
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    Old skool FTW ^^

    Its' a long shot,but someone might have D2 Europe Ladder items.

    If so offer away and tell me what sort of coin ur after for it.TY.

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    i can basicly get u what ever u need on d2 (lod<< the expansion) not on normal d2 so if u have lord of destruction expansion tell me what u need and what ur willing to pay for it

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    on d2 lod EU lod i got Botd eth cb 412%ed beast ba , botd eth ba 409% Enigma AP 15%ed Enigma bp 15%ed Enigma dusk 15%ed Enigma lp 15%ed enigma mp 15%ed

    61x Soj ( NOT dupeskin )

    8x Anni 1 perf rest above average in stats

    1 perf Torch for each class in stats, ( only assa and pala got -1 attribute from perfect )

    4 x Tal Rasha bugg worth 20+ legit sojs

    5 x bugg belt siggard worth 10+ legit sojs

    2x grief perf 1 Ba 1 pb

    101 High runes (ber,jah,zod,ohm,vex,cham,sur, etc )

    Death phantom perf and nightwish rf socked perf
    full acc of lvl 99 chars 1 lvl 99 Barb sword , 1 lvl 98 barb axe , lvl 99 cold sorc, lvl 99 trap assa, lvl 99 smiter pala , lvl 99 paladin , lvl 99 bone spirit necro, lvl 99 hammerdin

    EDIT: ofc the acc dont only got this but these things are greatest :P the chars are full of shakos, maras etc also whats best for pvp
    many uniques etc

    Account is 100% legit, no dupes nothin, never used maphack, baalbot or anythin

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    dont lie that ur account has no dupes on it ur sojs are duped and hrs and dunno what else but about those im sure.. i can get him hrs and sojs (duped ofc) for like 1gb per 10 of them lol or legit onces 10x more expensive. but dude dont lie about peoples that ur items are all non duped (what a joke)

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    enigma, cta3 , etc here Europe ladder lod for logos items / coin


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